Which Form of Child Care Service Suits Your Requirements?

Have you been searching for child care services for your toddler, but you don't know which provider you should pick? For years, working parents have relied on child care providers to take care of their little ones whenever they are away from home. But, most families do not know that there are various categories of child care services they can consider. First-time parents often get confused and end up making hasty decisions. Taking the time to know all the forms of child care services the market offers is priceless and will help you to get the right care professional.

Read on to get to know some primary childcare services.

In-home care

In-home care is a flexible type of child care service that's offered in the kid's home. Usually, the carer is a professional and is meant to provide expert care that meets the child's unique needs. In most cases, these are the needs the regular carers cannot attend to. This service can be considered by families that live in remote areas, parents with unusual work hours, parents or kids with a disability or specific illness, young mothers that work from home, parents with two or more kids, and so on.


A nanny is a caregiver that's hired to look after a child from home. Most nannies today have excellent childcare qualifications and can cultivate healthy relationships with your child so they don't feel lonely while you are away. Depending on the terms of the agreement, a nanny can live in your home or not, but you are still their formal employer. If you'd like to have a nanny that lives in your home, you'll have to provide their bedroom and other basic necessities they need each day.

This option often seems costly at first, but it comes in handy if you have two or more kids or irregular work hours. The nanny will also take care of your sick child even if you get another backup nanny.

Child care centre

Another reliable option you can consider if you don't want to have a caregiver in your home is extended day care. This service is designed for kids that are under school age. Kids are taken to a centre that's specially built for early childhood care and education services. Day care centres offer full-time and part-time care, so a parent or guardian is free to choose the package that meets their requirements. Some of the centres also provide meals, while others may allow kids to have their own food.

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