What You Can Expect Preschool To Be Like During The Coronavirus Epidemic

Coronavirus has infiltrated every aspect of life in Australia and indeed around the world. Not only are millions, if not billions, in quarantine but many shops, businesses and places of education are closed. Luckily for many parents, many child care places are still open due to them providing an essential service. However, even as restrictions start to be lifted in Australia, things will not completely go back to normal. Here are a few things you can expect to see at your child's preschool and why they are essential to protecting everyone. 

Hygiene Onsite

Everyone has become a handwashing expert under coronavirus, and this definitely extends to preschool and child care centres. All of the employees will continuously be ensuring that children are washing hands, keeping their spaces clean and coughing or sneezing away from other people. This also extends to the professional cleaning of your preschool premises, with more frequent and thorough washing down of surfaces and emptying of trash. This might take some time to get used to for your children and is something you should practice with them at home as well, just so that they feel more comfortable.

Social Distancing

Unfortunately for the time being, children will have to practice some social distancing measures in their child care centres. This can take many forms from children in different year groups being kept separate, to actual physical distancing in the classroom as well. Almost all out-of-school trips will stop for the time being, and your children might get a little restless which you should watch out for. While children are less susceptible to contracting coronavirus, that does not mean they are immune, and there have been many cases that prove this point. It is crucial to explain the reasoning behind these new measures to your child to keep them alert but not anxious. 

If A Case Is Confirmed

If an educator at the preschool gets coronavirus, then the entire premises will most likely be shut down, and all of the staff and children should get tested. The child care centre will most likely remain closed until all children, staff and their close relatives have been tested and the buildings have been thoroughly cleaned. In addition to that, if your child is sick at all, even if it is clearly not coronavirus, you should keep them home. That advice will likely stay in place until a vaccine is available for coronavirus and is vital in keeping risks to an absolute minimum.

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