Should you enrol your child in preschool?

The thought of leaving your child in the care of someone other than a family member is terrifying to many parents. You're so accustomed to the bond with your kids that the thought of leaving them even for a day feels impossible. This is why some choose to homeschool their kids, but others opt to enrol their kids in preschool.

Preschool offers tons of benefits to both the child and the parents. The initial week of enrollment tends to be hard on both the kids and the parents, but eventually, they get used to the routine. Once everyone is accustomed to attending preschool, you'll notice that your child is benefiting from learning from teachers and peers.

Benefits of Preschool

Prepares your child for kindergarten

Typically, kindergartens are stricter and more academically focused than homeschool. By enrolling your children in preschool, you're placing them into a setting where they can learn about routines, how to follow instructions, and so on.

Since kindergartens focus more on academics, kids have limited playtime. However, preschools employ education programs that prioritise the development of the kids. The teachers in preschools help the kids learn, but they also allow them to be themselves and have fun.

While in preschool, your child will learn the concept of cooperation and how to deal with certain situations. It will also build a foundation for mental, physical, emotional and social development, which is vital not only for kindergarten but also for the child's lifetime.   

The time spent in preschool will help the child understand the importance of education. Due to their young age, the children may not grasp the importance of education as adults would. However, their experience in preschool will change their perspective on education, its value and the schooling journey.


Kids are like pets in the sense that they're easily distracted. However, spending time in preschool could help improve their concentration. Their minds are still young and want to explore. Preschool offers them the chance and environment to explore and tackle tasks with peers.

Exposure to diversity

While in preschool, the kids will learn to cooperate, engage in teamwork and concentrate on tasks given. They will also interact with children from varying backgrounds, ethnicities and gender. This is an opportunity to learn about diversity and embrace others for their uniqueness.

Preschool is a place to learn, play, create and share memories with other kids. Some see it as the stepping stone to other levels of education. However, before you enrol your child in preschool, ensure that they're ready for a new experience.

To learn more, contact a preschool near you.

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