How To Prepare Your Child To Join A Childcare Centre

Many parents get anxious when enrolling their kids in childcare centres. In most cases, they are unsure whether their kids will fit into the new environment. However, ample preparation can guarantee a smooth transition into the childcare centre. Below are some pointers to help you prepare your child as they join a childcare facility. 

Create A Routine

Your child does not have to follow a specific routine when living at home. For instance, they can wake up, eat breakfast and sleep if they wish. However, they must follow a structured routine once they enrol at the childcare centre. For instance, they have to wake up earlier than usual and attend classes at the specified time. Moreover, they do not have the luxury of eating whenever they want. So, how do you prepare the kid for these sudden changes? The secret is to create routines a few months before your child joins the childcare centre. For example, you could start by ensuring they sleep and wake up at specified times. After this, you could structure the meal plan to resemble the one at the childcare centre. This way, they do not experience hunger spells at the childcare centre.   

Prepare Them Psychologically

These insights should help prepare your child psychologically; 

  • Introduce the idea of childcare centres a few months in advance. For instance, you could watch TV shows on preschools and daycares.
  • Take your child to play dates to help improve their socialisation skills. They come in handy when creating new friends at the childcare centre.
  • Take your child for a pre-visit. The toys and playing equipment at the centre will help build up the excitement as they await their first day.
  • Introduce the kids to their teachers at the childcare centre. It helps them build rapport and trust before the kid joins the facility. 

Train Them To Be Independent 

Although your child will be under the watchful eye of the facilitators at the childcare centre, it is wise to help them build their independence skills. For instance, train them to wear and remove jackets and tie their shoelaces. Moreover, teach them hygienic practices, such as washing their hands and using the restroom. 

You should also acquaint your child with some of the course material. For instance, you could use internet resources to introduce them to math, grammar and science. Such interventions help build your child's interest in the childcare program. Moreover, it helps them adapt to class activities. 

For more information, contact a child care centre near you.

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